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Podcasters Mastery Starters Course

Create & Launch Your Own Podcast
& Change Your Business Forever

podcasting is the number one lead generation method today for your business

Have you ever wondered why so many people nowadays are launching their own podcasts?

Perhaps, you know the reasons but you think that having your own award winning, income producing podcast is too difficult for you to achieve.

Well, have no fear....

No longer will you be seeing your business, crawling along on it's knees, struggling to attract the right type of customers that want your products.

Now you will experience the first hand the power of Podcasting.

Welcome to Podcasters Mastery Starters Course


iTunes #1 Ranked Podcaster

"Hi, my name is David Ralph and I am host of the #1 ranked podcast 'Join Up Dots', and founder of Podcasters Mastery.

Over the last 1,000 plus episodes of my hit podcast Join Up Dots I have discovered the magic formula of what podcasting is all about.

No matter how many people try to teach the world that it is all about recording and producing shows, that is just 50% of the magic formula.

In this course I hope to take you through the first part of that formula, allowing you a glimpse into the world of podcasting success.

So join me behind the microphone as you start creating that success today"

being a podcast success starts here

Forget what other podcasters want to teach you, if you want to be a success behind the microphone then you need true mastery.

We have spent four years building the knowledge that you will gain in the PODCASTERS MASTERY STARTERS and ELITE Courses.

Knowledge gained by sweat, tears and an obsession to make the world of podcasting an easier place to survive and thrive in.

We live by the words of Leonardo Da Vinci who stated"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" and now say "Podcasting Is The Future" too.




Module 0.5:

Podcasters Mastery Introduction

A warm welcome to the course from David Ralph, the host of Join Up Dots. In this video he will introduce you to the learnings that you will gain throughout the content, and a brief explanation of how you can gain the most from the videos.

Module 1:

What Is A Podcast?

We all hear the term "Podcast" but actually what does this mean? We will show you in this video how a podcast is actually the greatest part of the marketing plan for a business, and of course the reasons why you should be 100% focused on bringing one into your life.

Module 2:

Establishing Your Podcast Idea

A lot of podcasts die before they even get going due to the lack of focus in choosing the right subject. The host chooses something that isn't a passion, isn't simulating and then get's bored and stops. This should never occur and in this video we show you how to find the subject that makes you come alive every single time.

Module 3:

Defining Your Avatar

In this video we talk about focusing in on the customer, and creating a blueprint for success within your podcasting journey. By spending time really understanding the needs, problems, and things a customer will pay for is such a big win to have before pressing record. In this video you will get all that and more.

Module 4:

mic, mixer & equipment setup

Most podcasters who teach how to podcast seem to think that having a desk that looks like the Starship Enterprise is the way to go. Wrong! A podcast should be recorded in the simplest, most inexpensive manner possible at the start, and then build to something more advanced. In this video we show the Join Up Dots setup, and how after 1,000 shows its still as basic as we can make it

Module 5:

Recording Your Show using cleanfeed

A few years ago Skype was all the rage when recording podcast interviews. But now we think there is a better way and an easier way and that is Cleanfeed. In this video we show how using this simple Chrome browser is the future of podcasting.

Module 6:

producing your show with audacity

Audacity is a free recording software that works brilliantly when creating a podcast, and in this video we will show you how, with a couple of clicks you can record and playback your very first podcast episode.

Module 7:

id3 editor tagging

So many podcasters make a huge mistake when producing their podcast. They create great music, record a top show, and then release it to the world not making it easy for people to find it on their computers. By understanding the content in this video you will never make that same mistake.

Module 8:

web hosting

Now you have your completed MP3 file it is time for you to get that content into the ears of the world. And that is where hosting comes in very, very handy. In this video we show you our choices as to the best hosting company for your finished files you can use.

Module 9:

embedding on wordpress

Now you have your finished recording, uploaded safe and sound on your hosting company, its time to present that information on your website. In this video we will show you how to take the right link, and embed it into your website - making for easy listening for all your loyal fans.

Module 10:

adding your show on itunes
and directories

Record one show and allow the whole world to listen to it. Well that's the dream of course, but how do you link to all the different platforms where people are listening to podcasts? By the end of this module you will know exactly how to do it.

Module 11:

the eight step process of podcasting

In this video we show you the eight step process that all podcasters need to go through to finish a show. And the beauty of knowing this subject, is you do the same every single time, leaving you with all the time in the world to focus in on making money due to your podcast.

Module 12:

the ten biggest mistakes that
podcasters make

Even the most established podcasters make big mistakes that can ruin the potential of creating a life changing income through their podcasts.  In this video we highlight what we think are the ten biggest. Learn all of these and you will skip past them all to success.




To make some serious cash through your podcast its more to do with what you do after the show has been recorded than what you do during it. In this video we show you how we have developed Join Up Dots into a money making machine - always by focusing in on the customer.



You have been through the content presented in Podcasters Mastery Starters course and are ready to launch a podcast to the world. Through running our own show for four years we know that the true success comes later - In this video we show our Elite Coaching program that has taken the world by storm by showing the whole picture of podcasting from recording to earning bigtime every single day of the week



In the last video of the course David Ralph shares some intimate thoughts about podcasting, growing a business through podcasting, and becoming a success.  This is the kind of stuff you wont see or hear anyone else talk about.

" David Ralph is the Real Deal "

David Ralph knocked me off my chair with his podcast and iTunes knowledge.

He doesn't just use iTunes as a tool for building his business, he lives and breathes iTunes, and it shows. He revealed cutting-edge tips and ninja tricks that I had never heard ANYWHERE and believe me when I say that I thought I had heard it all!

Any podcasting trainer can tell you which microphone to plug into your computer, but if you want to learn how to get to the top of iTunes and STAY on top, then study with David Ralph at Podcasters Mastery

Dana Wilde Host of The Mind Aware Show

Dana Wilde




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  • 12 Core Module Videos
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you giving such valuable content away for free?

We believe that podcasting like everything is a journey, and starting that journey in the right way is the best thing you can do. At Podcasters Mastery we have become one of the few UK podcasters earning an income due to our podcast, and we want to show the world that they can do the same.

When does the course start and finish?

The course is available right now. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Login credentials will be sent to at the end of the webinar and free email course.

How long do I have access to the course and resources?


Once you enroll, you will have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

100% FREE CONTENT Courtesy of
PODCASTERS MASTERY ELITE COACHING and the join up dots podcast